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Refresh offers a wide array of floor care and other services to keep your home clean and sanitary for the whole family. All Refresh Technicians go through an intensive training process to ensure they are up to date on all the latest practices. When you want a company you can trust, call Refresh!

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There is a lot more to cleaning a carpet then most people realize and not all carpet surfaces should be treated the same. Our Technicians are experts at identifying the type of carpet and understand the best way to clean that specific type of carpet.


Refresh utilizes some of the most powerful equipment in the industry and this makes all the difference when cleaning tile and grout. Not only is the goal to restore the beauty of your tiled surface but because of the high heat created in our cleaning process, you can rest easy knowing it is sanitary and safe for your family.


We offer full cleaning services of fabric upholstery. Just like anything else made from fabrics, your sofas, mattresses, and chairs need to be cleaned regularly also. Refresh uses the most current cleaning methods to ensure your upholstery looks, feels and smells clean for you and your guests!


Did fluffy decide to dig a hole in your carpet? No worries, you have Refresh to fix it for you! We can fix a long list of issues with carpeted surfaces. Included but not limited to, ripples, holes, seam repairs and transition moldings.


We understand what a horrible feeling it is when a water pipe breaks or rainwater floods into your basement. Our powerful truck mounts and drying equipment are here and technicians standing by in these unfortunate situations. Timing in these situations is everything to prevent further damages. That’s why we have 24/7 service available.


Clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of home fires. Cleaning these regularly is important to your family’s safety. Benefits of keeping your dryer vent clean also includes faster dry times and reduced power consumption.

Refreshingly Clean Carpets & More!

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Refresh strives every day to improve the industries we work in and offer the best customer service in the business. Working with some of Americas largest companies to build a better world for you.