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Fun and scary fact about carpet; the average carpet can hold up to a full pound of dirt in just a single square foot before it even becomes visible on the surface! Carpeting is designed to conceal and hide dirt. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet is extremely important to ensure you get the full life out of it. It’s important to use a professional with specialized cleaning equipment.

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Refresh uses some of todays most advanced truck mounted cleaning equipment whenever possible. This equipment offers a superior cleaning because it hits the major three points of cleaning carpet (Heat, agitation & chemical). This results in a cleaner and safer carpet for your family.


Refresh includes a top pre-treatment in all hot water extraction cleanings. This is a crucial step in properly cleaning a carpet and we find it strange some other companies charge more for this. The pretreatment is sprayed onto the carpet before the cleaning process begins and works to break down body oils within the carpet, which dirt clings to. This results in a much better clean.



Refresh rotates the scent offered in our cleanings, but we always include a free deodorizer with our carpet cleaning services. This runs through our cleaning equipment while we clean and leaves a mild pleasant odor behind after our work.


The process of removing stains varies based on the type of stain but all of our technicians are certified and experts in this area. From coffee to Kool-Aid stains, Refresh has a process to treat and remove these stains. *Results may vary based on a number of factors.



Pets are a family’s best friend but sometimes they come with a few drawbacks. We have several different ways to deal with different situations caused by your little buddy. Some of these include topical enzyme treatments to kill pet odors or treatments for accidents your pet may have had indoors.


There are several scenarios you may need a repair to your carpet. Refresh has your back with burns, stretching, holes, seam repairs, transition moldings and more. We have a special certification for our repair technicians so please be sure to mention your repair when scheduling your service.



Carpet manufacture protectants work very well keeping your carpet looking it’s best but unfortunately these wear off over time. Refresh can reapply a new protective barrier to your carpeted surfaces which helps prevent wear and staining. These protectants can greatly help extend the life of your carpet.


Refresh is dedicated to helping people live in a safe and healthy home environment. We all want the best for our family and as the head of the household, it is our responsibility to keep our home safe and clean for everyone. Refresh is passionate about helping you provide this.


Refreshingly Clean Carpets & More!

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