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When it comes to carpet repairs, its important your technician is skilled at this craft! Poorly done repairs can be an eye sore and doing these correctly takes a large amount of training and skill. Our repair technicians receive an enormous amount of training in this area. Their goal is to make your repair look invisible!

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From a burn to a pet that loves to dig, Refresh can patch these holes for you. Our patches are done by taking a section of carpet from an inconspicuous area in the back of a closet to ensure a perfect match. Don’t worry we use a matching carpet in the closet to. We take from the closet because evening the same carpet from the store may be a different dye patch so it will be just a hair off in color.


Carpets can ripple for a few different reasons. Sometimes it’s a poor job installing it but most often it’s just because the carpet is aging, this causes it to loosen and ripple up. Don’t worry though because Refresh can stretch it back into place for you. It’s important to fix these issues quickly to prevent any tripping hazards!



Most carpet is dyed when it is manufactured, this dye oxidizes over time leading to the carpet changing color slightly over time. It usually goes unnoticed but can make patching difficult because the carpet is slightly different shades in different areas. Since this may make a patch unfeasible to fix a bleach stain or a sun faded area, we can often manually dye the area to match the existing color of the carpet.


A common repair we run across is fraying of the carpet where it meets another type of flooring. We can usually address this by installing a new molding in this area and stretching the carpet up a bit.


Refreshingly Clean Carpets & More!

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