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Refresh’s tile & grout cleaning service goes above and beyond what a cleaning company can do for your tile because we have powerful equipment not usually available to a normal cleaning company. Think of the process like a high heat pressure wash of your tiled surfaces. We can perform this service to floors and walls alike.

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When possible, we use our powerful truck mounts to perform this service. We use a specialized tool here which acts like an enclosed pressure washer. These tools create a superior cleaning to the tile and grout lines that is very difficult to replicate with traditional hand methods.


The heat from the truck mount adds a new level of clean, blasting into the grout lines killing bacteria and removing dirt. Grout is a porous surface that germs, bacteria, and viruses can thrive in. Our method cleans deeper, hitting every tiny crevice in the surface.

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Once everything has been fully cleaned, we offer a sealer to the grout lines. This is an important step as it helps fill the porous surface of the grout and prevents the collection of dirt or germs. Using a sealer will help keep the tile looking its best and offers a new level of cleanliness.


Refresh is dedicated to helping people live in a safe and healthy home environment. We all want the best for our family and as the head of the household, it is our responsibility to keep our home safe and clean for everyone. Refresh is passionate about helping you provide this.

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Refreshingly Clean Carpets & More!

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