We’re going to tackle the frequently asked question of “how much does carpet cleaning cost?” and show you how the answer isn’t as black and white as it may seem. With room sizes, add-ons, and various methods, a lot can factor into the final carpet cleaning pricing.

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Different rooms in the home are typically estimated and priced differently. Standard rooms like living rooms and bedrooms tend to be priced based on their size. For Refresh Carpet Cleaning, we typically define a standard room size as up to 300 sq. ft.

Other rooms in the home that are smaller-sized usually are estimated separately. This includes bathrooms, laundry rooms, entryways, hallways, and staircases. Overall, because every home is unique, prices based on room amount and size are subject to change across carpet cleaning companies.


When getting quotes from carpet cleaning companies, it’s important to also ask about their cleaning method. Depending on how your carpet is cleaned affects how it’s priced. Some methods are more thorough and therefore have a higher estimate. Service level, including quality care and results, also plays a role in pricing. For carpet cleaning, the common cleaning methods include DIY carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, dry carpet cleaning, encapsulation carpet cleaning, and hot water extraction.

Carpet Cleaning Methods


Outside of professional cleaning, some people opt to clean carpets on their own with rented machines. Rental carpet cleaners are often used because they’re the least expensive of these options and are convenient to get at local stores. However, there can be definite trade-offs to this method.

For starters, choosing the proper cleaning method can have its own challenges because the homeowner is responsible for accurately assessing the type of carpet and how it should be treated. Also, rented machines typically aren’t routinely cleaned, so you’re bound to track in outside dirt and dander from other homes. For more information on how DIY carpet cleaning differs from professional cleaning, check our blog!


Carpet shampooing uses a suds-based detergent to deep clean carpet. The soap detergent is mixed with water then scrubbed into the carpet fibers with a machine. Finally, a wet vacuum is used to remove the shampoo from the carpet. This method is a stronger clean compared to vacuuming and can be effective for spot treating. The shampoo can also act as a fragrance to cover up odors. The biggest downfall to carpet shampooing is that it can easily leave behind soapy residue that makes the carpet sticky. This ends up attracting more dust and dirt so your carpet gets dirty faster.


Dry carpet cleaning uses dry chemical compounds to offer a low-moisture method for cleaning carpet. The compounds are spread evenly around the carpet and then worked in using a machine. The dry compound uses carbonation to lift dirt and grime from carpet. After the solvent sets into the carpet, it’s all vacuumed up. Since it’s low-moisture, the carpet dries within a half hour. This method is a good solution if you’re in a rush, but dry carpet cleaning is unable to clean deep down into the carpet fibers. This method can also leave behind powdery residue


Encapsulation carpet cleaning is similar to dry carpet cleaning because it involves low-moisture. This method uses a specific cleaner with polymers that encapsulate and crystallize soil to loosen it up. This cleaner is usually worked into the carpet using rotary brushes. After 10-15 minutes, the solvent and dirt are vacuumed away. Encapsulation is a good method if you want faster cleaning and dry times. Like dry carpet cleaning, this method can be good at getting surface-level dirt, but does not clean deep within the carpet’s fiber.


Hot water extraction is how most professional carpet cleaners clean and is often mistaken for steam cleaning. Steam cleaning uses higher temperature water around 212 degrees Fahrenheit to produce steam where hot water extraction uses water that is 110-165 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, no rinsing is involved with steam cleaning.

We clean carpet exclusively using hot water extraction along with our patented cleaning equipment. Our cleaning wands pump hot water within your carpet under pressures ranging from 35-500 PSI to release dirt and dander that’s deeply embedded. Then, the wand extracts the water and removes dirt. Our specific cleaning is powerful enough to remove most common household allergens from carpet. While drying can take several hours, our cleaning equipment extracts virtually all water used in the cleaning process.

We also use EPA Safer Choice cleaning solutions so carpet is immediately safe for pets and kids after cleaning. Hot water extraction can be more expensive compared to the above methods, but the results and quality you get are the reason people are turning to refresh Carpet Cleaning.


Aside from types of cleaning, the final price will depend on any add-ons you decide you want or any additional fees certain companies may charge. Common add-ons typically include carpet protectant, deodorizer, and additional services that the cleaning company can perform. Some companies only specialize in carpet cleaning. Refresh Carpet Technicians are experts in everything professional cleaning and can tackle different services, like upholstery cleaning, in one day.